Your WordPress and plugin updates are of high importance to ensure your site stays up to date with the most current versions. Allowing these to get out of date can result in site hacking and broken functionality. When left for long periods of time a significant amount of work may need to be done to restore the site to full functionality and in some cases the site may just disappear with important files being lost forever. With weekly checks and software updates completed you can be sure your site is always in working order and we let you know right away if anything is in need of repair

& Off Site

In addition to updates we also offer security & monitoring as well as off site back ups. The benefit of having the monitoring is that we will be notified if there are any attempts of attack on the site so that we can take action before anything happens to hurt the site. The benefit to offsite back ups is in the case of letting your hosting lapse or if something happens to your hosting server you can rest assured we always have a complete backup of your site off your regular hosting so that it can be restored.


Each site is unique and will require a specific plan. Our pricing is outlined below for updates, backups and security monitoring and a specific quote will be generated for your needs. We offer billing monthly or once every 4 months with a discounted price.

WordPress Version Updates done monthly

Plugin Updates with plugin checked weekly

Weekly Backups to Dropbox

Security & Monitoring


WooCommerce & Other Specific sensitive plugin updates
* High-level importance for site functionality/security



$15 (Per Plugin)/mo







$12 (Per Plugin)/mo



Answers to your questions, how to’s

$130/mo (Only applies to specific sites)

* Any potential issues found prior to regular updates will be reported and a quote given for repair. All pricing is + GST.


  • Valid credit card required
  • Plan to be billed monthly or every 4 months, 1st of the month
  • 1 year contract must be be signed to start plan, cancellation can be made within 30 days