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A Day in the Life of a Designer at Flying Horse Design Studio – Christie Wengranowski

The team at Flying Horse decided that it would be great to share a little bit about ourselves so you, our reader could get to know a bit more about what we get up to in a day. I elected to go first to get the ball rolling and share authentically my day – so here it goes…

This is not going to be a surprise to anybody, I love horses and I love being a horse girl despite the flack out there on the internet. Being a horse girl taught me how to be strong (physically and mentally), patient, communicate really well and have thick skin. My horses live with my husband and I on our family farm which means I get up early each morning to feed, turn out, muck stalls & paddocks. When that’s all done I’m in the house feeding the dog, cat and fish before cleaning up and getting ready to leave for the office at 7:15am.

My work day is typically 7:30am – 3:30pm at our office in Fort Langley BC and starts with good mornings and ensuring the dogs get their treats. I have a quick meeting with the team to go over our day and see if there are any items we need to flush out before getting started. We often follow that with a 10 minute meditation and if we miss it in the morning we do it after lunch.

I do my best to book client calls before noon and early afternoon because by 3pm I am often starting my intellectual wind down. You’ll find me on Zoom with clients or on RESET calls where I’m networking and learning. When I am not on client calls I’m having touch points with Amy and Emily on project process, challenges and solutions.

While it may not happen every day, I carve out time 3-4 days a week to work on my business. The includes prospecting, creation of promotions, reviewing our website, writing these posts, doing research on how to improve systems and processes. Currently I’m up to some major innovations so the working on my business is taking up a larger chunk of my days as I work through the ideas and what everything will look like.

When the work day is over you will find me at the barn either working my dressage horse Roman under saddle or simply brushing Roman and my baby horse Ruby. If I’m not at the barn I’m at my personal trainers with my husband getting out butts kicked. My husband Simon and I also love to cook dinner and enjoy our time together in the kitchen. My mum often comes for dinner or we go over to her place which makes that mealtime special to me. We wind down with a movie some nights and others are spent reading.

That’s it, a typical day in the life of me, Christie Wengranowski. Stay tuned for what Amy and Emily get up to.