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Benefits of Outsourcing

I am a firm believer in outsourcing for all types and sizes of companies. Personally, if I had to hire a full-time bookkeeper, accountant or admin assistant there simply would not be enough for them to do and it would cost a fortune. Employees are massively important in a business however they cannot and should not cover all the roles required to make up a successful team. Bringing in experts from outside your company to play fractional roles has many advantages and can help a business scale and grow.

The 3 biggest benefits you can experience from outsourcing are…

1️⃣ The cost advantages – no salary, no benefits, no holiday/sick pay etc. – only pay for what you need

2️⃣ Increased efficiency – hiring experts who specialize means things get done effectively with less back and forth

3️⃣ Faster and often better services – again, you’re working with experts in their industry who have a wealth of knowledge and solutions to your problems

My in-house team consists of 3 and everybody else who supports us is outsourced. They key for success is to find the right people to outsource to and over the years I have figured out the best people for me. Happy to share how I figured that out and what I now look for in partners as well as building those relationships up for success.