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Collecting Feedback

Somehow Tuesday and Wednesday got away from me this week as a number of fall projects are starting to kick off. It’s the perfect time of year to do a brand refresh or build a new website and getting all your ducks in a row for the start of 2023 so time for my team and I to bring our A++ game.

When you do any kind of refresh on your marketing materials it’s always exciting and yet also a decent size task to take on. What I love most about the process is the energy it creates for a business even with the time that needs to be dedicated to getting the job done.

One thing we find helpful in the process of creating anything new is to get feedback from people who can give an honest opinion. It could be a family member, partner/spouse, colleague or even kids. Choose your test audience wisely based on what your company offers as that will give you the best results.

For example, if you have an online kids clothing company ask parents and grandparents to test out your new website and see if they found it easy, moderate or hard. Ask them if they had any problems in the process and if so, what would they prefer the experience be like?

If you have an organic hair care product line and need literature for your trade show booth, have your test audience review the content and design to see how they feel about the products based on what they see and read.

Your opinion is of highest importance in the decision making around your marketing materials but you never know what you may be missing that could deter potential clients. By testing with people similar to your clients you’ll start to get a feel for your product or service will be received.

Next time you have something designed run it by a few people and see what golden nuggets they might be willing to share with you.