Have some questions for us?

Feel free to give us a call or check out our FAQs, maybe you’ll find what you’re looking for right here!

How much is a website?

With websites the scope of work, required functions and advanced features play a strong role in determining cost. Please visit our pricing page to view our base packages and advanced feature ad on’s.

How much is a logo?

We offer a number of logo options to suit our clients different needs. You can check out our 3 main logo packages as well as logo alternatives on our pricing page.

Can I print through you?

Yes, we have a number of trade printers and can offer competitive pricing. Please note we only provide print services on items we have designed.

How long does it take to get my materials printed?

Generally we will allow for 7-10 business days for most print jobs. Rush printing is available for an additional fee but certain jobs cannot be done rush due to their nature.

Why is my job slightly different colours from the last print run?

In CMYK printing there will always be variables and slight shifts in colour. This can be due to the inks themselves, the air temperature, age of paper, different paper, printing finishing, particles in the air or even the press or digital printer. We can do our best to colour match but colours will never be 100% the same from run to run.

I missed a typo in my print job. Can I reprint?

You can always do a reprint on any job but unless it’s the fault of the press operator you will be responsible for any associated costs. Once a file is approved by a client it is sent to print as is and Flying Horse nor it’s printers will not be held liable for any typographical errors. The client always has the final say on approval to print.

Can I pay in increments?

Depending on the project, payment options may be available

What if I lose my website?

Most web hosting companies offer backup services with all of their packages, but in the case of forgetting to renew hosting/domain we can also offer external backups for a monthly fee. We also recommend considering a monthly maintenance package for your website to ensure plugins and WordPress updates are made and site remains functioning normally.

Do you always quote before a project?

For larger projects a quote is always provided. As for ongoing contract work, hourly fees apply and billing is always done on the 15th of each month.

Do I need a deposit before you start a project?

All new clients are required to pay a deposit on their first project. Once a working relationship is established; ongoing projects will be billed upon completion or on the 15th of the month with the exception of website builds and logo design.

I already have a brand but no website, can you build off of this?

Absolutely, we would also want to do a discovery to ensure that any brand elements that are added work for you and your business.

Can I edit my website in the future?

Yes we only build websites on content managed systems such as WordPress, Wix and Shopify. We also train you on how to use them.

How many revisions can I make on a project?

Generally the number of revisions will be different for each project and depend greatly on the scope of work. If scope of work is changed during the project; a re-quote may be required to compensate for addition of work.

Do you do SEO?

Currently we do not offer SEO in-house, although we do have a fantastic partner who is an expert in this department. SEO and online marketing campaigns normally require a minimum of 6 months commitment and can cost anywhere from $800- $2500 per month; cost is demined based on your needs. Visit our Team Page for more information.

Do you offer copywriting?

We have a very talented copywriter we love to recommend for all your writing needs. Cost is based on project size and type. Visit our Team Page for more information.

Do you offer videography?

For all your video needs we are happy to introduce clients to our official video partners. These folks are the experts in their field and do one heck of a job. Visit our Team Page for more information.