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Holiday Cards

Are you feeling festive in your business right now? We just put our little Ikea tree up and are sporting some mini Santa hats. Getting snow at the end of November certainly played a part in feeling the holiday spirit as we entered December.

When it comes to our clients, this is the time to wrap up their Christmas cards so they can begin to spread their holiday message. Most clients opt for a digital card now a days but we still have a number of clients who prefer to mail out a physical card.

What do you think is better or better yet, what do you prefer to receive? Here is what we’ve learned from our clients over the years…

Printed cards are a positive thing to get in the mail, they look great up on a mantle and can carry a little gift in them if you want to provide that extra little something, something. They feel good to receive as we’ve embraced more of a digital world. On the down side, printing costs more money and requires postage which costs more money. You have to stuff envelopes, add postage and drop the cards to a post office and hope the postal service delivers them all on time.

Digital cards are multifunctional and can go out in email, on social media and your website. They have no sending costs save for what you may already be paying to your email marketing platform and they arrive almost instantly to an inbox. They are far more cost effective than printing and do not have the environmental impact of paper and ink. Digital cards are unfortunately missed or ignored sometimes as some people may just see them as another email or they wind up in junk mail. They are not as easy to include a gift and are looked at once then it’s on to the next email.

What kind of card are you sending this year or are you sending any at all?