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How Long Will My Design Take?

One of the most commonly asked questions that graphic designers get is “How long will it take?” It’s a fair question but one that is challenging to answer with absolute certainty.

Here’s why…

➡️ You are one of a number of clients so the designer has to schedule your project in – things could go faster than anticipated or take a little longer

➡️ You may get busy/sick/family emergency and not provide feedback as quickly as you’d hoped to delaying the work

➡️ The designer may have something come up like an illness or family emergency

➡️ You may want to change direction after seeing a proof or two

➡️ Uncontrollable things may happen like power outages, internet issues, computer meltdown on either side

The question really should be “How can we determine a good timeline for all to be completed?”

This will first depend on the size of the project, client needs and designer schedule. It’s important to establish up front when something is needed by so a work back schedule can be created.

I personally think it’s useful to create a checklist for both client and designer so everybody delivers what they need by set dates. Having these lists keeps people organized and accountable.

Factoring everything in and creating a work-back schedule will help give a completion date that both parties can agree on. Creative projects take time (even the simple ones) to do well so be sure that a plan is always mapped out with enough time to deliver best results.