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How Many Fonts… Are Too Many Fonts?

Fonts, we all love them, we all enjoy playing with them and we certainly have our favorites and non-favorites.

In the design world fonts play an important role in conveying the feel of a marketing piece. The wrong font can ruin an ad in an instant and flatten a marketing campaign. Using too many fonts can also create a problem unless done very strategically.

How many fonts is too many? Well, that is a little bit subjective however the rule it typically no more than 3 fonts. You need a font for bold headlines and perhaps a secondary sub-head font and then a paragraph font. This applies to both print and web and of course where there is long copy you can expect variants like bold, underline and italics.

One of the most important things to consider when choosing your fonts is ensuring they are complimentary. Using even 2 fonts that are not complimentary can create visual confusion and leave your piece useless for attracting business. Fonts that work together are often opposite so think sans serif pairs nicely with a serif, script or handwritten font. A techno font does not work with a script font (most of the time) and 2 versions of a serif font can sometimes be a fail as well.

If you ever need inspiration for font pairings a quick Google or Pintrest search will reveal lots of ideas. Let fonts be the best they can be to market your offerings by putting the right ones together and using the ones that are on brand for you.