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Increase Your Site Traffic

Do you use email marketing in your business? Sending emails on a regular basis can be a fantastic way to keep you top of mind for your products and services. Depending on the nature of your business there are different ways to use this type of marketing successfully however there are a few common things to keep in mind.

As a designer I place a fair amount of importance on the look and feel of any marketing material and therefore my first recommendation for email templates is a professional on brand design. Most if not all email marketing platforms allow customization of templates or custom coding so getting your emails to look great is available to you.

As people opt in or purchase and get added to your list always send a welcome email. This is the start of your relationship and that first email can lead to increased site traffic and future transactions. It confirms to people they are now part of your club and we humans always like to feel like we belong.

Content is of course going to be very important as it’s the whole reason people subscribed to your list in the first place. If you are a service-based business content should provide value such as tips, things to ponder, exercises, relatable stories of interest etc. It should not be a sell each time though mentioning a special offer or new something here and there is completely acceptable. A soft call to action can be a part of your close or footer but generally the idea is to build trust and the relationship.

If you sell products, email marketing is more geared to selling. People signed up for the latest news, sales, products and trends so that’s what you’ll need to deliver. It can also be useful to share success stories with certain types of products such as health supplements or hair products. You can also share tips, tricks, recipes and how to’s that relate to what you’re selling. It’s all about value.

To sum it up having well branded, value-based emails is important to maintain a successful email marketing campaign. It’s a great way to directly reach clients and can have a significant impact on your revenue. I’d love to hear what things you have done with your email campaigns that have made a positive impact on your business and revenue.