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Let us Help Find your Vision with a Moodboard!

One of the jobs of a creative agency is to get into the heads of their clients and see the vision their client has. I like to say we’re sort of mind readers but really it’s more about listening carefully for all the clues.

Sometimes clients come to us and have no idea what they want and need some help to get clarity. This is especially true when it comes to logo design and it’s quite common for both new and established businesses. They know they need a great logo that represents them but not sure which direction to go. The good news here is that we have a solution for that!

Where do we start in order to move from uncertainty to clarity? Inspiration! We all know what we like when we see it so beginning with inspiration sets the pace and allows us to pick what we’re drawn to and discard the rest.

How do we find inspiration that speaks to our clients? By listening! Believe it or not, clients know more about what they want that they realize. I have a series of questions and exercises I can take people through to pull information out of their minds. It’s remarkable what I find out and how it helps me help them.

How do we deliver inspiration? With a moodboard! Similar to how an interior designer does it, I also prepare a digital display of inspiration that consists of examples, colours and fonts. I ask my clients questions in our proofing software to get feedback and narrow down what is aligning and what can go. Sometimes it takes 2-3 mood boards to dial in, sometimes it takes just 1.

That folks, in a nutshell is how we use inspiration in moodboards to help our clients. It’s simple, fun, easy and gets results.