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Will You Love Your New Logo?

Logo design is an important part of your brand identity and something a company takes pride in having as a strong mark.

A question we get asked often is “what if I don’t like what you do” which is really quite valid. How frustrating is it to pay for something you are not happy with? While I cannot speak for other designers, in our studio we ensure you get a logo you love.

You may be curious as to how I know that it will all come together and you may have your doubts but here is what I know. When we listen to people, truly listen at a core level we can understand their vision and create a logo that they love.

Some people are really clear in what they want and they have compiled inspiration or sketches or both. Others have no idea but through talking it out give clues that help find a path to their vision. Either way it’s important to listen carefully and find clarity. Sometimes there are more conversations along the way, sometimes things flow quickly and naturally. No two logo designs follow the exact same path because everybody operates in their unique way. That’s one of the cool things about working with all kinds of people.

If you are in the process of having a logo designed or redesigned be sure that the person you work with is a listener. If they do more talking, don’t ask questions or brush you off on your ideas they may fall short of creating a logo you love. Listen to your gut on the right fit and enjoy the process. It is incredibly rewarding when you finalize your logo that you love!