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Planning for the Holidays


At the studio, we are designing digital holiday cards like crazy so I think that may be adding to the festive feelings. Every year we do a card promotion and our clients love partaking. Since most businesses send out emails instead of printed cards now a days it’s easy to have a card designed to go out that way and also posted to social media. Digital cards are cost effective, reach more people and are just fun!

In addition to creating lots of holiday designs we’re also planning our year end wrap up party. Now that we can actually go out this year theatre sports / improv is on the top of the list. We will also do a lunch and gift exchange just before we close for a week to spend time with our family and friends. I have always believed in taking a week off to recharge and reset so that I can start the new year in a great way.

What do you do around the holidays to celebrate, recharge or reset? Do you do anything for your clients like a holiday promotion or do you even have a party? If you have a team how do you all enjoy the season together?