In 2012 we had the opportunity to do a revamp on the Camp Jubilee website and loved the results for the new look. With all the changes in technology since then 2018 was time to update again and we were excited to look newly at the site and come up with a plan. What made this project so fun was having access to a ton of great photos, reminiscing about our youth at summer camp and playing with lots of bright fun colours. Of course the functionality was not to be forgotten so the whole structure was designed to be shore digestible pieces, easy to navigate and get where you needed to go. To top it off the site now had the ability to be viewed on phones and tablets with ease and was easy for the Camp Jubilee team to manage moving forward. This site was for sure a favourite this year and we hope that all the teachers, parents and professionals who use it to plan their experience are loving it too!

check out the site here :