When we met Christine in summer of 2018 it was to join the amazing mastermind she’d been facilitating the past 5 years. The group was a great fit and participation in the work and collaboration sparked an incredible relationship that has helped both Christine and Flying Horse skyrocket!

Through the weekly calls and sharing expertise, Christine realized her website really wasn’t displaying her true greatness and that it showed her as smaller than she really was. We discovered that the messaging was not sharing her authentically and subconsciously she wasn’t sending people to her site because of it. We dug into all that she has accomplished, where she wanted to be seen and then revamped the whole thing to be a true representation of her business. We knew she was excited as she propelled all her promotions forward and asked frequently when we’d be ready so she could share share share. The new site is beautifully Christine and we continue to support each other’s businesses all the time.

 “My website was good enough. Then, I asked Christie her input given she was a client of mine. “Did it reflect the level of my expertise? Did it represent who I am now, what I’ve accomplished, who I am becoming? Her answer – “absolutely no!”. My up-leveled website is now something I take great pride in directing others to. It represents the essence of my unique approach, my acumen, the offerings for 1:1 and corporate clients. It has a terrific energy about it – clean, succinct, “alive”. I am now up-leveling my presentations. I love sending out proposals knowing they truly represent me, my brand.”

check out the site here: