A name that was too long and a logo that was dated and not resonating with the association as it was today.

As design specialists we don’t always get the opportunity to help a company or non profit pick out their name though we sure do like the challenge of taking part in that.

Community Services came to us as Pitt Meadows/Maple Ridge Community Services looking for help in reducing the size of the association name as well as creating a new logo to go with that name. They had been fighting with the mouthful of a name for years and even got started 2 years prior to meeting us to begin the process of a name change. A lot of great information was collected during that time but nothing moved forward until we began our journey with them in spring of 2017.


Flying Horse worked with the board of directors to come up with a new association name and new logo to start the re-branding process.

Choosing names for Pitt Meadows/Maple Ridge Community Services was no easy task as the association is encompassing a plethora of things making it challenging to narrow down a direction to go. After many ideas, votes in house, at the committee level and even at a staff level the decision was made to preserve some of the name but simply shorten it. Flying Horse had the opportunity to work closely with the committee and also take part in the staff vote which included 75+ people.

Once the name was solidified we set out to create a logo that would not only represent the association well but also work with all of the program logos currently in place. Flying Horse looked into ways to tie everything together so that the overall picture would be cohesive and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Looking forward to the next steps in the re-branding process and seeing all of the pieces come together.