The Jet in house design team was beyond swamped with work and required overflow assistance to take on their 2016/2017 product catalogue.

Flying Horse had previously worked close with Pioneer Protective Products (2010-2016) on updating the branding, designing hang tags, product packaging, small brochures and various other projects. In 2015 Jet took them under their wings and provided them with an in house design team. By fall of that year Jet had decided to create a 700 page product catalogue and with a busy in house team they needed our help to bring it to life.


Initially we were just working on the catalogue sections with the different product managers however as the workload kept growing we began taking on more work to help the Jet team out. We quickly became part of the team and worked closely with our contacts to ensure all work was created as per company standards.

The catalogue took a year to build and was a massive undertaking and from it came a number of smaller catalogues that were printed separately. It was a really neat experience to be able to work with another great group of designers and learn from them as well as provide some outside feedback.