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Saving Money on Graphic Design


If you’re working with a graphic designer fairly consistently and want to find ways to reduce your design bills or stretch your budget further then today’s post is for you!

There are all kinds of designers around from crowd source, freelancers, boutique studios and agencies so hourly rates vary considerably. No matter who you like to use there are ways to make your marketing budget stretch further or reduce it. Here’s how…

1️⃣ Have your copy and 100% finalized – proofread for spelling and grammar
2️⃣ Choose your photos and send them in high resolution
3️⃣ Have a clear vision for the final piece and provide your inspiration
4️⃣ Have only one point of contact for your designer and send them the combined feedback from your team vs everybody emailing different things
5️⃣ Send your project in with adequate time to complete it (rush jobs always end up taking longer and come with rush fees)

Designers know that their job is to be creative with your asks and make your marketing materials look amazing, however the more clear and organized you are with requests the more efficient things will be.

Even if you are on a fixed monthly budget with your designer, applying these 5 things will allow them to complete things faster leaving room for more projects within the budget.

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