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Updating or Changing a Logo

Have you ever updated or completely changed your logo? If not have you thought about it? Perhaps you love your logo, maybe can’t stand it or could also be indifferent about it. How about the way your customers feel when they see it?

Your logo is a mark that’s purpose is to be an identifier for your business. It’s a piece that helps people remember you and how your business made them feel. If the experience was good seeing your logo again will trigger happy memories. If it was bad it will trigger angry ones. Of course we all prefer the first emotion.

Brand style evolves and your logo can too. While we all want our logo to stand the test of time there often comes a point in business where making such a move can be very valuable to keep up with the times.

Here are 5 reasons you may want to update your logo:
1.   The look is outdated
2.   Your business has changed
3.   It’s not working on social media
4.   You have a different audience
5.   Your logo was never developed properly (clip art or just text)

If you’d like to see some big brands that did logo updates in 2018 check out this article https://lnkd.in/gemAkCEM. Even my company did one in 2018 and I personally love the tweaks and wonder why I ever did the first way at all. Sometimes it’s just simple tweaks and sometimes it’s an overhaul and regardless of what direction you’re moving the end result should be something you are excited about and ready to share to the world.

If you’d like to talk about what a logo refresh looks like for your business connect with me for a no strings attached consultation.