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Visitors Will Leave an Outdated Website

At the end of 2021 we decided at Flying Horse it was time for us to create a new website along with doing a brand refresh. We know websites don’t have a super long shelve life these days (3-5 years max) and with ours coming up to 5 years it was overdue.

So what happens when your website becomes outdated? Well, there are a few things to consider that can impact the growth of your business.

1. The software is behind the times and glitches or bigger issues start to present themselves. This creates a less than ideal user experience when potential clients can’t reach the info they need to make a decision on whether or not to work with you.

2. The design looks tired and worn out, photos are dated and information is often not current. People tend to be drawn to shiny and new, easy to digest, visually appealing websites. In fact, “38.5% of visitors will leave a website if it is an outdated design” which makes sense when you consider how many choices people have when window shopping online.

3. The messaging isn’t in alignment with your current level of business. You are not the same as you were 5 years ago and while you may still offer the same things how you communicate them changes. Your audience may have also changed and now prefer to digest information in a totally different way.

Redoing a website is not a quick task and I can say without hesitation that resistance showed up a lot while preparing for a new site. The team here helped to keep me on task even when I was busy with a million other things. It was important to keep the vision of the new site in front of me. There was the vision of the new business it would help us obtain and the energy shift we would get from having something new to share. I must say the whole experience did not disappoint and we are so excited and proud of our new website which is 100% making a difference in the business.

If you have any questions about how you can get started with your own website post them below. Happy to share more about my experience or provide insights on how to get in gear to take on your own project.  Contact us here.