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What is a Style Guide?

Do you have a style guide?

Whether we are helping a client set up their brand guidelines at the very start or taking on a client who is already established, a style guide is a very useful thing to have.

Why would you have a style guide and what does it have in it?

All style or brand guides will have a few key elements and then depending on the business there can also be a number of other things included. The basics include:

·     Logo & usage – versions, with/without tag line, placement etc.
·     Fonts – the fonts, typography and specifics such as all caps or lower case for certain usage
·     Colours – including CMYK, RGB, HEX and Pantone if applicable
·     Image and photography guidelines – this could also include specific graphic styles for things like icons

Most style guides will also include a bit about the brand such as mission/vision/values as well as defining voice and writing style. When we do a super simple guide mostly for design, we may not include these. I do feel they are really important for an established company especially when the company is larger.

Other things that can be included are website guidelines for specific sections of the site, social media guidelines and schedule of how often to do a brand refresh. Really you can put in whatever you like.

Having a style guide is beneficial to keep all parties on track for brand consistency. It’s the first thing we ask for when onboarding an established client and it helps to get a feel for how they roll.

If you don’t have yours established yet it’s easy to do and will certainly help you on your business journey.