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Why Can’t I See Myself on Google?

My team and I love to design and build websites. It’s incredibly rewarding to design something new for a client that will help their business grow and prosper. We pride ourselves on creating sites that look fabulous, are easy to navigate and function properly.

My guess is when you had your first website built, you, your friends, clients and colleagues went to Google it and were surprised that it wasn’t coming up. I assure you this is totally normal and not permanent even if you never do anything. Here’s why…

➡️ It takes time for Google to find and scan a new website even when we submit the site to Google at launch

➡️ There are millions of websites out there that have been active longer and have more credibility with search engines so you basically have to wait your turn to be seen

➡️ Somebody forgot to turn the index feature on and you’re blocking search engines for scanning your site

Once your site has been recognized and scanned it will slowly start building credibility. There are of course things to help get your website ranked higher such as a solid online marketing plan and SEO. Nothing is a sure bet and even with a large spend some websites will just never get to the #1 spot on Google. My go to is always to focus on using marketing to drive traffic to a website and ensure there is quality content on it to draw people in.

At the end of the day, websites are a marketing tool and sadly not magic for simply existing. They need to be promoted and used by human efforts and should be crafted with the client in mind for best results.

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