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Why you Need a New Website

It’s officially fall here and this is the time of year when everybody starts looking to prepare for the new year. We typically see an influx in website design requests in September and October for launch in January/February.

Fall is the perfect time to look at your website to see what it needs to take you into the next year. If you’re website is newer it may just need some refreshing but how do you know when it’s time to create a brand new website?

Here are 8 signs that you should be getting a move on a new website:

1️⃣  Your site is not responsive
2️⃣   Load time is painfully slow and sometimes causes errors
3️⃣  There is a high bounce rate
4️⃣   It’s off brand and no longer authentically representing the business
5️⃣   It just doesn’t look good anymore
6️⃣  The navigation and page flow is confusing
7️⃣  You can no longer make updates without breaking something
8️⃣   The site doesn’t confirm to industry standards

If your website just isn’t helping your business any longer or it’s making you crazy it’s time to get on the new site train. If you’re not sure about your site and would like to get a better feel for where it’s at send me a PM for a 15 minute complimentary web assessment!