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Working Remotely or From The Office?

I get asked all the time why I don’t work from home and have my team do the same. We do after-all, have the ability to work wherever we like and certainly we could all work remotely. For me, that’s just not what I want. For others it’s perfect.

Having our graphic and website design business in cute little Fort Langley, BC is fun, separates my work and home life and gives us a space to have clients come to if they choose. My team and I love to be in the same space to create and we really miss each other when one of us needs to work from home here and there. During the height of the pandemic we separated and it only took 3 days before we felt the pain of not being in the office together. It was a very happy day when we all reunited.

Here’s my top 5 reasons I choose to work at our office vs home:

1. I do not stay on my laptop for more than 7.5 hours and am not tempted to do just 1 more thing at the end of the day

2. I can have clients come to the office vs having to open up my home and keep it pristine

3. My team and I work better in our group energy and enjoy group activities daily (hello, fun!!!)

4. I focus better on the business vs dirty dishes, laundry, the cats, dog and horses

5. I get dressed, brush my teeth and do my hair – it’s really easy to stay in sweats at home

Overall coming into the office for me is rewarding and provides lots of social interaction and energy which I enjoy. Having a special place for business is good for business and my mental health. If I do decide to go virtual down the line I think I would invest in one of those tiny home-like offices to separate the space from my living space. Also, they are super cool ;P