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Write Less, Show More

How much text do you have on your website? We need to have information for people to know what problems we’re solving but how much is enough?

Google still favours long content on pages for better rankings but people do not. According to recent studies, users only read about 20-28% of the text on a web page which is a little alarming if you ask me.

What is a business to do when they need to get their message across and appease both people and Google? The answer is, get creative and use the power of text styling. As you’ve read in previous posts the power of colour is important when attracting the human eye but so is typography. Now a days we have so much more creativity when it comes to text on a website that it can become something of an art and therefor can be useful in getting people to read more of your words.

Breaking up long copy into digestible sections with masterful styling, coloured or image backgrounds not only visually draws the user through your copy but also keeps their brain interested. The more interested we can keep people the more likely we can win them over so take a look at how your page copy currently looks and see if there is something you or your web person can do with the typography to get more of your content read and received.