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3 of the world’s cheapest famous logos

Designing logos is no easy feat, as any professional in the field will attest. Even when clients have a clear vision, numerous revisions are often required to bring that vision to life. For those who are unsure of what they want, the process can become even more protracted and challenging. Occasionally, a logo may come together effortlessly, but for the most part, logo design ranks among the more demanding projects for graphic designers. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that logo design commands the prices it does.

Interestingly, some of the world’s biggest brands developed their logos for a fraction of the cost or even for free. While I have no plans to create logos for free myself, the thought of being involved in creating the initial marks for massive brands is undeniably enticing.

Take Google, for example. Its DIY logo was crafted in 1998 by Sergey Brin, one of the company’s founders. Brin used an open-source raster graphics editor called GIMP for this creation. Although Ruth Kedar later provided some fine-tuning, the original concept remained intact.

Similarly, Coca-Cola’s iconic logo was born in 1885 thanks to John Pemberton’s bookkeeper, Frank Mason Robinson. Robinson not only came up with the name but also conceptualized the logo’s distinctive cursive script. Over the years, the logo has undergone minimal changes, remaining true to its original Spencerian script.

The Nike logo, on the other hand, was brought to life in 1971 by designer Carolyn Davidson. The initial cost only covered the logo design, which has since been refined while preserving the core concept. Davidson was initially paid $35 for her work, but later on, she received 500 shares of Nike stock, now valued at over $600,000. Not too shabby!

Whether you’re seeking a new logo or considering revamping your existing one, you might be the perfect DIY enthusiast to create something outstanding. However, if designing isn’t your forte, fear not, as numerous options are available to cater to various budgets and meet your logo needs. What truly matters is laying a solid foundation to ensure that your logo strikes the right chord and makes your business truly memorable. Happy logo-ing!