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.com Vs .ca

For my Canadian business friends you may have been wondering about the .ca / .com thing when purchasing a domain name. We get this question quite a bit when helping clients create their first websites. Here is what I tell them:

➡️ Always get the .ca and the .com when you can but if the .com is not available check and see what kind of website comes up or if it’s just a parked domain. If there is a website at the .com and it’s too close to your business look for different domain names to avoid confusion.

➡️ If you are a Canadian business a .ca tells the world just that. It shows you’re branded as a Canadian business and if that is important to your customers (especially in e-commerce) then go for it.

➡️ Only Canadian businesses can have a .ca and that helps your SEO in Canada.

When you’re ready to start a new business and not sure about domain names you have a resource right here.  Always be sure to purchase domain names from a reputable company and purchase for multiple years if possible.