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Always Follow Up

In sales we are taught to follow up with our customers and I promise you this is key to your success. As a woman in business this is something I used to struggle with. Am I bothering them, how soon should I follow up, how often, am I being annoying etc. This was the case for potential new business and existing clients but here’s what happened when I just got over myself and made a genuine and honest follow up call or email…

With new business it helped me get a yes or a no so I was not left wondering if the lead would turn into sale. For the yes clients, often life had gotten busy and they were grateful for the touch point. I have had many clients thank me for following up and say we got the job because we did.

With existing clients, it sparked new projects or referrals that they’d been meaning to get on for ages and my touchpoint helped get them into action. Again there was a gratitude for saying hello and how are you doing.

The point I hope to get across is that it’s important to not just be available when somebody comes knocking but to also nurture the relationships from start through life of client. Following up got me projects I may not have otherwise had.

If you feel at all like I did and want to know what I did to change my thinking send me a message.
If you want to share what you have done I’d love to see that in the comments so we can all benefit.