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Benefit from morning meditations

Today I’m reflecting on my business and what I have created over the last 18 years beyond the graphics. Most days I would say we’re just doing what we love and loving what we do and right now I am enjoying the reminders of why.

This year has had some challenges that I wasn’t expecting and as different things came up I had to choose how to move through them. One of my amazing coaches Janet Key got me into meditating and suggested I make it a non-negotiable part of my day. I thought ok, let’s give this a try but how about I have the whole team give it a try. So that’s what we did.

For the past few months the Flying Horse Team does a 10 minute meditation to get our day started at the studio. Sometimes we change it up and do one after lunch and sometimes we mix it up with a standing yoga practice.

I worried initially that we were going to lose productivity by taking the time to meditate but what I found was that we got more done and done even better. Making this a part of our routine has increased our creativity, alertness and happiness. Nothing was bad or wrong before but this shift in our routine has benefitted all of us.

Taking care of my team has always been a top priority and I encourage business owners and managers to take initiatives to help their teams recharge to feel more energized. If you want to learn more about the way I run Flying Horse differently stay tuned. I’ll be sharing more here on my journey of business in addition to the design and web info to help you in your business.