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Do You Stand Out?

When I started designing websites in 2004 most companies were still without one. Some people didn’t think they were necessary, some were scared of the internet but many were excited to step into the future. It was easy to get ranked at the top of search engines and many times people were in the first few to get online giving them a new advantage.

Today 1.9+ billion websites exist and it’s much harder to stand out or rank at number one. The exciting thing now is that we have digital strategy and SEO and social media to help support our online presence. That however doesn’t guarantee you’ll be number one according to Google so what can you do to stand out from your competition even if you’re not at the top of the search results page?

Here are 3 key things:

1. Take a fresh look at your clients to make sure you still fully understand them so you can speak more clearly to them

2. Update your look/feel/content to connect with your ideal clients so they are curious and stay on your site longer

3. Provide content that gives value for free

At the end of the day we cannot control how people do their online shopping but we can control what our website looks like and the messaging that is on it. It’s one piece of real estate you can control so use it to help you stand out from the crowds by cutting the noise and delivering what your people want.

If you need some direction hit me up for a free consultation. We love making websites better so businesses can do better!