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Get Through a Creative Block

Do you have creative blocks? Do you sit down to do something cool but nothing is coming and time is passing which starts to frustrate you making the block worse? I used to have these all the time with design work and it left me feeling so annoyed with myself. It got me down and believing I was a bad designer with no talent.

But was I really? Absolutely not. I just didn’t have anybody teach me how to get through it so eventually I had to figure it out.

When I get stuck in creative design or creative solutions I now have a formula to at very least be productive which typically leads to creativity returning. It’s a simple 3 things and it’s helped me move through blocks time and time again.

First step – organize all the information, ensure you have all pieces and make a list of anything that is missing so you can obtain it

Second step – break it down to the basics. Forget about the creative part and block out the basics so you know what will go where roughly. If it’s a creative solution you’re stuck on, strip it down to what the outcomes will be and the questions you need to ask.

Third step – ask for help. That could be a team member you can bounce ideas off of, a friend or family member and yes, the Universe!

Quite often by the time I get through step two my creativity starts to flow again but if it doesn’t at least I feel like I have accomplished something and not wasted time. I can come back to it the next day. Asking for help or input on what I have done with steps one and two also helps break through any final doubts or sticky stuff because the other person is not invested in it like you are and can see from a clear lens.

Try this out next time you get a creative block and let me know if it helps.