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How Marketing Managers Benefit from Outsourcing Design


When I started this business, my goal was to be accessible and make a difference for companies for their design needs. Back then I didn’t really know the true impact of what that could mean for people, I just wanted to help. Over the years what I discovered was that many companies value outsourcing for a variety of reasons and that gave me the opportunity to really dial in on how to make a difference.

My dear marketing managers, you are some of our favourite people to work with. Being your right-hand ladies is an honour and we want more people in these positions to know how an outsourced design team can improve their lives.

Here’s how we see hiring the ‘right’ outsourced design team can positively impact the role of a marketing manager:

  1. Reliability – This is probably one of the biggest assets any marketing manager wants next to talent. An outsourced professional team will show up consistently ready to bring ideas to life and ensure needs are met. Not having to worry about if something will get done or done on time takes a weight off.
  2. Expert vs junior – A no brainer. Hiring an in-house person may mean starting with a very junior person who may not be ready to execute design to the level of expectation. An expert has a solid understanding of communication with a target audience, understands hard timelines, can work more efficiently, do tasks faster and more creatively. Marketing manager, you will not have to tell an expert 10 times how to do things thus leaving you with more peace of mind.
  3. Lighten the load – Imagine not having to do all of the things all of the time. An outsourced team can help in more areas than just design with their expertise. Sourcing printing or promotional ideas for example, can free up time for marketing managers. Who doesn’t want more time in their day because their to do list is smaller?
  4. Outside point of view – We all get stuck in our own world. Sometimes it’s just impossible to see outside the frame when you’re working in it. Having an outsourced team that works with other businesses often have lots of ideas to share. This is a massive asset you don’t get with an in-house designer.
  5. Collaboration – The saying is true, 2 heads are better than one. Working with an outsourced team means multiplying brain power. Bringing talents together for the greater good is fun, inspiring and builds better outcomes. When you have that outside point of view, talent and expertise the magic that happens is game-changing.

There are so many great things that come from marketing managers teaming up with an outsourced design team. It’s definitely important to find the right fit and clearly relay what would make a difference to you but when you do, I truly believe life is better (and more fun).