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How to Give us Helpful Feedback

Feedback is very important in all businesses and how you provide it can make a huge difference in the response. In the graphic & web design worlds feedback is what helps us get your materials right. Today I’d like to share our top 3 things we love when receiving your feedback to help you get better responses and less back and forth.

First and foremost, take your time and look over your proofs thoroughly on your computer, not your phone. In some cases printing things out is also of value if you prefer paper. Review everything methodically and compile a list of things that you’d like to change, add, delete or replace. Take a secondary look or have somebody do this for you to ensure you have covered everything that has come up and then send it.

Be clear on the changes you are requesting. For example, if its copy be specific on where it is in the document (first paragraph, 3rd sentence) and exactly what to change to. If it’s something that needs replacing send the replacement and label it so it makes sense. It doesn’t always matter why you want to make changes, it matters that we understand what the changes are so we can get them done efficiently.

Be honest but kind. Designers are artists and while they understand what they like isn’t always what the client likes, sending harsh notes or rude emails will not get you better results. It’s ok to not like something and you need to be honest when that comes up but think about the words you use and how they will land. Sometimes it just a case of “hey, this is cool but not quite what I had in mind” and then saying what you do want. I find often when a design isn’t hitting the mark a quick call is beneficial to revisit the direction as sometimes there is a misunderstanding.

I hope this helps you get a little insight on how you can provide better feedback to your designers to get better results.

Side note – Designers also have to stay in their own integrity of work and communication. There is no excuse for not listening to your clients and treating them respectfully. Unfortunately there could a time when you may have to end relationships because of this. In the meantime see what you can do to make the process easier 😁