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Invest In Your Design and Stand Out!

Adobe is a big part of a graphic designers life so naturally I love to follow what they are doing to keep up with the latest information and stats. They are always conducting research to make their products better and the information they obtain is incredibly useful for teams like mine so we can do better too.

I have always believed that great presentation will help you win clients over and Adobes research proves that I was right! They found that 73% of companies are spending money on design to stand out from their competition. What was also revealed in the study was that companies investing in design are 69% more likely to exceed their business goals. Those seem like pretty good numbers to me and who doesn’t want to exceed their business goals?

Now if you’re thinking design is costly, time consuming or doesn’t matter in your business I would ask you to consider having an open mind. When it comes to cost just remember the ‘spend money to make money’ business advice we’ve all heard. Investing in you and your business is important and it doesn’t have to break the bank. Many companies and freelancers have cost-effective solutions and can also get your set up with tools that you can manage in-house down the line. As for time consuming, consider breaking it down. You don’t have to do everything all at once so phasing things out can help you get ahead without feeling so overwhelmed. Lastly, if you feel that design really doesn’t matter for your business take a look at your competition, see what they are doing, are they growing, are they presenting themselves in a way that looks trustworthy and professional?

Need some advice on how to level up your design or where to even start? Ask me, I have lots of ideas, solutions and connections and I truly believe we all have the ability to exceed our business goals!