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Keep it Personal, Not Transactional

In November I will be celebrating 18 years as an entrepreneur and there is so much that I have learned, overcame and bettered myself in the process. Looking back it’s really cool to see what has made the journey a success and what lessons I was blessed with from various failures. Yes, I had many failures, financial stresses and bumps that tried to take me out of the game but here I am and I know for sure one of the reasons is how I treat my clients.

Here’s the thing with people. We want to be cared about, we want to be listened to and we want to succeed.

Treating my clients like people instead of a transaction has built relationships that lasted for years. The financial investment is important to my business and theirs but how we’ve talked about it and worked with it has made it easy to say yes and start our journeys in design.

I’ve learned that brining value to somebody and ensuring they feel heard makes the difference. Little things like remembering they just moved or that they ran a marathon or went to Hawaii shows people you’re listening to them and getting to truly know and care about them.

Building real relationships is key in a business like mine and I’m so excited to see where the next 18 years takes me!