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Lavish Logo Designs & Their Price Tags

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, creating logos is a process that often takes more than just a couple of hours. For my friends who own small to medium-sized businesses and have experienced this process, you know firsthand the dedication it requires and how much your logo becomes a personal reflection of your brand. Now, let’s consider the challenges faced by massive corporations, with multiple decision makers and a plethora of ideas.

Prominent brands invest significantly in their visual identity. They understand that their logo, fonts, colours, packaging, and marketing materials play a crucial role in selling their products or services to the masses. It’s not surprising that some logos have incurred costs exceeding the value of many people’s homes.

Upon delving into the realm of the most expensive logo designs, a common theme emerged: all these logos were associated with well-established brands and were part of a rebrand, redesign, or acquisition. The costs involved encompassed more than just the logo itself, extending to the development of other brand assets.

One striking example is the Pepsi Logo Redesign, which carried a staggering price tag of $1,000,000. Crafted by Peter Arnell of the Arnell branding group, the design embraced a flat, minimalistic aesthetic aimed at highlighting the brand’s contemporary and relaxed persona. It’s hard to fathom the numerous iterations that must have been proposed as Pepsi navigated the meticulous rounds of selection, constantly striving to distinguish itself from its rival, Coca-Cola.

CitiBank, on the other hand, secured its logo for a relatively modest $1.5 million, and the genesis of this iconic design is intriguing. Paula Scher, a renowned graphic designer from the New York-based agency Pentagram, spontaneously sketched concepts on a napkin during a meeting with CitiBank officials. Within five minutes, she unveiled the napkin to them, boldly declaring, “This is your logo.” Thus, a $1.5 million napkin was born—a feat that I, and many, surely wish we could emulate!

Yet, the pinnacle of logo expenditures is embodied by the Symantec Brand and Acquisition, a jaw-dropping venture that came with a mind-boggling price tag of $1,280,000,000. I had to double-check the numbers to ensure my accuracy. This astronomical figure encapsulates not only the logo’s creation but also the acquisition of the VeriSign company by Symantec. This remarkable expenditure holds the record for the most expensive logo in history, with the investment reflecting a substantial corporate merger.

There you have it, some of the most expensive logos out there in the world. Anybody willing to pay me $1 million for their logo redesign? I am happy to sketch it out on a napkin, cardboard box or even in sharpie on the back of a shirt so we can make history together ;P