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Less is More!

Yesterday I shared about blogging so todays post may seem like a bit of a contradiction.

In the past I have shared about the average attention span of a person visiting a website, today I want to expand on that when it comes to articles.

In a recent study we’ve learned that internet users only spend about 37 seconds reading an article online and in fact most will really only skim. I’ll openly admit that I am a skimmer of long articles and look for key points to get the jist. The article has to be something I am REALLY in to for me to properly read it.

In knowing this information some things to keep in mind when it comes to posting longer articles include:

Highlight the really important stuff in a pull quote or larger text
Use images or graphs to illustrate some information
Ensure that sections of info end with a cliff hanger so the reader wants more

With that all being said I’m keeping this short in hopes you will read it all and not skim on by 😉