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Our Directors Of Greeting (DOGs)

We love animals at Flying Horse and we have always had our dogs in the office. If I am being honest I’d be happy to have my cat and horses here too however our second floor space really isn’t ideal for hooved animals and the cat hates to go in the car ;P

When I got my first dog back in 2003 it was a non-negotiable that I be able to take her to work. As I made the transition from working from home to being in an office that was the first question I would ask the various landlords. Fortunately in Fort Langley dogs are welcome in all places with the exception of food venues and grocery stores so it was a non-issue. Initially I wanted my dog at work so she would not be alone all day but what I realized was how much having her at the office benefitted me and my team.

Dogs love unconditionally and they add a certain warmth to any space. There has been a ton of research around having pets at work in that it boosts morale, makes for a better atmosphere and can even increase productivity. My experience would 100% agree with all of these things even though sometimes productivity can be halted when you have the burning desire to move in for a puppy snuggle. It happens here daily, not going to lie.

In addition to an improved environment we find our dogs motivate us to move (lunchtime walkies are a must), they are a popular attraction when our clients visit and they provide a ton of entertainment with their antics. Having dogs at work just makes the day better.

If you want to learn more about Kenny & Dannie, the dogs of Flying Horse Design studio check out our Instagram