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Presentation Goals

For all my speakers out there this one is for you! Presentation decks are a hot topic right now with more in-person events, pitches and a new wave of start-ups taking place. How is your deck looking and is it getting you the reactions you’re looking for?

A presentation deck is a visual aid to help your audience better digest the information you’re sharing so it likely has to:

➡️ Summarize complex content
➡️ Tell a story that will inspire
➡️ Reflect personal experiences

Poorly designed slides with no design or too much text are ignored and you may find your audience looking off at something else soon after you begin. Slides with too little info or just images also don’t work as the image is digested quickly and the brain quickly goes looking for new stimuli.

Here are my tips for a successful deck that helps to engage your audience:

➡️ Use on brand fonts and colours consistently on the deck
➡️ Create a few unique layouts so each slide is not the same as the previous
➡️ Bring in bold photos, infographics and graphs for visual interest
➡️ Do not use any pixelated / squished images unless they are meant to look that way on purpose
➡️ Keep the text minimal and at a decent size
➡️ Use some animation but don’t go crazy
➡️ Have your company name and logo in the footer of most if not all slides

If you’re not loving your deck and want some outside design thoughts, I am currently offering a FREE evaluation of 1 slide deck or your website. No strings attached, just 5 of my insights sent to your inbox. If you’re interested message us here to get started.