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Print Your Proofs

We are in a very digital world and certainly many companies have shifted to more online materials over printed ones. Print is not dead however, and because of this you should still print out some of your proofs.

For myself, I still prefer reading a paperback book over my iPad screen. Not only is the feel nice in my hands but the reading part is just easier for me. I prefer reading off of real paper.

When you are planning to professionally print a brochure, report, instruction booklet or any other similar material it is always beneficial. to print off a proof. Even a black and white proof on your office/home printer can really help you see how it will come together and spot spelling or grammatical issues. There’s just something about paper that makes proofreading easier.

If you’re looking at logo concepts it’s also very helpful to see them on paper and sit with them off-screen. I always suggest doing this vs looking at them on your phone and even computer.

Be mindful when printing and keep it as eco-friendly as possible. Use both side of the paper and recycle when you’re all done. I don’t want to promote wasting of resources but the cost to the environment of printing 10,000 brochures with a mistake (that could have been caught on a paper proof) is far greater than printing a few proofs to ensure no mistakes end up in the final.