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Recognize the Progress

It’s Monday, another week of opportunity and adventure. It’s also 3 days until I have a fridge again so I am celebrating. No fridge for almost 3 weeks hasn’t been fun so it feels like a huge thing to be back up and running very soon. How will I be celebrating? With a big grocery shop of local fresh produce and various proteins from the local butcher.

We love to celebrate out of the workplace but how often do we celebrate in the workplace? For us it’s a part of our culture, something I felt strongly about from the start of entrepreneurial-ship. We celebrate birthdays (human and canine), Halloween and Christmas because it’s fun but we also celebrate our wins, completion of projects, reaching new revenue goals and for keeping our commitment on challenges to see them through. Sometimes it’s a meal, sometimes it’s ice cream and sometimes it’s going for pedicures. We even once went to a matinee movie and shut down the office for a few hours.

Recognizing and celebrating milestones helps us to recognize the progress we have made which is easy to forget in the general course of a day. When we place importance on our accomplishments we feel like we are making a difference and it feels good. My team keeps expanding their own brilliance so we are going to keep celebrating that.

What do you do to celebrate your wins in business either as a leader or a team member? What milestones made you feel the proudest? Share your celebrations below!