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The impact of great design for start ups

The excitement of creating something new is always thrilling. An idea that you know will change lives for the better and a plan for how to do it is electrifying. Once the plan is created for what and who, then comes the marketing piece and that is where design comes in.

Bringing a product or service to market takes a lot of planning, research and businesses awareness to ensure success. The way people see and learn about what’s coming is highly impacted by design so investing in a creative team is extremely important.

Why does design so heavily impact the success of any new start up? Glad you asked, I’d love to share!

  1. You’re new and you have to visually tell consumers quickly and effectively what you’re doing to enhance their lives.
  2. You have to look legit. If you throw together a DYI logo and website and poorly organize promotional materials there’s a good chance people will not trust you and walk away.
  3. You need to stand out especially if you’re already in an established market. People want to understand why they would buy from you over somebody else.
  4. You need to establish your brand right from the start with consumers. While your brand isn’t the design per se, you design tells the story of your brand so it had better be on the mark.
  5. You are marketing in a digital world. Design has to tell consumers in a split second what’s so awesome about your product or service and who it’s for.

A start up can be a lot of fun and today there is so much that can be done to get in front of people immediately. Design will play a bit role and is worth the investment if you’re serious about succeeding. Always remember that the consumer is human and impactful visuals will peak interest helping to get them in the door.