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Top 5 – The Make Up of a Website

I love websites, I really do. They are such an amazing tool to express your company brand and they have world-wide reach. Your old-timey newspaper couldn’t do that.

To get maximum results from your website such as quality leads, sales and referrals there are 5 important factors that must be in place to call in the customers. Don’t bypass even one of them, they are non-negotiable.

Effective Main Content – Your content has to be clear, address what problem you solve, be relatable and written in a way that people will understand.

Great Design – OK, this is a no brainer. Bad design drives people away as soon they see it. Your website doesn’t have to be cutting edge with all the bells and whistles but it should be modern, user-friendly and functional. If people cannot get to the info they need they’ll be outta there!

Secondary Content – This is the “value added” piece that takes your content to the next level. It’s your resources, blog posts, opt ins and other gold nuggets.

Maintenance – I’ve been saying it for years and I’ll being saying it for many more…you must maintain your site. Broken forms, links, images, code errors, software updates and site speed need to be monitored and updated regularly. It’s no different than putting oil or antifreeze in your car. Leave it too long and you have big problems.

Authority with Google – This isn’t exactly a part of your website but it sure is important. Being down with the Google shows the internet and all its users that you’re in good standing. Get those reviews growing, have other reputable sites mention and link to you, post on Google my Business and be consistent across the board.

Not one of these can make your site a success on its own, but one factor can certainly break it.

If you’re wondering where your website stands and would like a no strings attached option I am offering a free evaluation here. Our Fort Langley graphic and website design studio team is excited to have a look at, send yours on over!