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Whitespace, It’s Important Too!

Today I want to talk about white space and the importance it holds in design. I’d like to preface that white space doesn’t mean it’s white but rather negative or blank space.

White space is simply the space between the text, images and graphics in a design (print & web). It’s actually an element of design that balances things out and helps to make everything look good. When elements are jumbled together too tightly a design will look crowded and become hard to read. It’s overwhelming and not pleasing to the eye which of course is not good for business.

Here are a few good reasons to have white space:

Focus – your audience needs to know where to look for the key message
Legibility – when things are jam packed in it’s difficult to read or understand
Aesthetics – humans like things that look nice and are drawn to design that’s easy on the eyes

When you’re preparing content for your next ad, brochure or website, consider the size of the piece and be mindful of how much info you’re creating. Less is more and you want to be sure you have room for white space. This is really important especially in digital pieces where the size tends to be smaller and people are viewing on their phone.