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Work-life harmony in Fort Langley : balancing career and community

Where you work can seriously impact your whole day in so many ways. Growing up in Fort Langley, I was totally drawn to setting up shop in this adorable village and embracing all the cool things that make it special.

Let me spill the beans on what makes this place so awesome for the Flying Horse crew, from the super tight-knit community vibe to the chill pace of life here, and the fun ways we party on birthdays and chill out after work.

➡ The Fort Langley Perk: Easy Commute, Fuller Life
For our gang, the location is a breeze to get to, which means we get back some precious time for both work and play. Taking a leisurely walk or a scenic drive through these charming streets gives us a fresh start every day and gets us in the groove for getting things done.

➡ Squad Goals: Community Feels
We’re all about that cozy small-town community where everyone knows everyone. People here aren’t just neighbours – they’re buddies. Familiar faces and warm hellos create an environment that’s like a big support system beyond our office walls.

➡ Keeping it Balanced: Chillin’ by the River
The laid-back vibe of Fort Langley is our secret ingredient for balancing work and life. We love strolling along the tranquil Fraser River or through the town square, often with our furry friends in tow.

➡ Let’s Party: Birthdays and Grub
We’ve got this motto: birthdays are a blast when we celebrate together. Our tradition involves hitting up a local eatery and digging into some seriously delicious stuff – think mouthwatering pizzas from Blacksmith Bakery or maybe a burrito bowl from Little Donkey.

➡ Pawsitively Awesome Atmosphere: Dogs Rule
In Fort Langley, our furry buddies are more like our creative partners. Their infectious energy fills up our studio, and they’re just as welcome in town shops, where they’re treated like rockstars and honorary members of our design family.

➡ Feel-Good Vibes: Fort Langley’s Magic
Fort Langley isn’t just a spot on the map; it’s a vibe. The history, culture, and stunning views all come together to create this super happy atmosphere that wraps up both locals and visitors, making every single day feel like a burst of inspiration.

➡ Nature Breaks: Lunchtime Bliss
Lunch breaks are like a breath of fresh air in Fort Langley’s parks and trails. We kick back, soak up nature, and let our creative juices flow, so our designs stay as cool as the scenery around us.

For our graphic and digital design crew, Fort Langley is more than just a location – it’s an extension of our creative spirit. By embracing all the unique stuff here – from the easy commute to the awesome community – we’ve built a haven where creative ideas thrive and we’re all about that work-life balance. Follow our journey on social media, where you’ll see our design team finding their groove in the charming streets and friendly vibes of Fort Langley.