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You Clients are Looking for your Website!

I love to learn about business and people and the way both operate. It helps me understand what people want and need and where I might be able to help.

One thing I see frequently is businesses who rely on social media only for their online presence. While that’s amazing for building up community and awareness it’s also risky to depend on a platform that a massive conglomerate controls. Facebook is a prime example as we all witnessed the changes for business profiles not that long ago. I had several clients get shut down and thousands of leads lost.

About 1 in 4 small businesses still do not have a website and while there are many reasons as to why I often wonder if they know their clients want them to have one. Just yesterday I went to a website for a horse trainer in California as it was listed on their social and when I went to the link it wasn’t there. I had no way to learn more about the trainer and her philosophy or get a feel for how she runs her program. Frustrating. Her social celebrates accomplishments but doesn’t dive into the business at all.

I’d like to advocate for small business owners and let them know that they can have a website that fits their budget, helps them grow and provides a piece of real estate within their control. It’s not out of reach for anybody who wants to have a business. With so many platform options and help ranging from freelancers to big agencies, everybody is covered.

Websites for all!