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You have our attention

Are you going to read this post?
If I make it really long, how much will you actually read?
If I use a graphic will you be more interested?

While I do not know the stats on Linkedin I have uncovered that the average web visitor has an attention span of 6.8 seconds which is really not all that much time.

We have all heard that our websites need to load fast on mobile and desktop so certainly you do not want to waste much of that 6.8 seconds on load time. If it takes 1 second for your site to load now you actually have less time to get your message across.

How can we best use that 5 or so seconds to capture the attention oyou have our attentionf our potential new client? Here’s a few ideas to help:

1.    Make sure your site loads fast
2.    Be super clear sharing the problem you solve
3.    Have an appealing look & feel to draw people in
4.    Use graphics to show important things quickly
5.    Have a solid call to action and make it easy to take

In a sea of websites it’s up to all of us to take the steps to stand out and be remembered over the others. Let me know what you can read and learn on your website in 5 seconds or less!